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Person of the Year

Every year, TIME editors select the individual or group with the most profound impact on our world over the past year for better or for worse. As one of the world’s most recognized and anticipated media events, Person of the Year exemplifies TIME’s power to ignite a truly global conversation.

Past POYs have included: The Silence Breakers, Angela Merkel, The Ebola Fighters, Pope Francis, Barack Obama and The Protestor. Each of these individuals (and every one chosen before them) drastically altered our world in the year in which they were celebrated.

(Issue: 12.23 | Ad Close: 11.22 | Digital: 12.11 | On Sale: 12.13)

Motherhood: The Caregivers

There’s no doubt raising children takes a village, and in homes across the globe, there’s a beloved group of women who are helping raise the next generation. In this issue, TIME will celebrate mothers with newly-commissioned photography by photojournalist Anastasia Taylor Lind, in-depth reporting, video and AR. This multi-platform program will spotlight the many untold stories of women who are taking care of other people’s children.

(Issue: 9.16 | Ad Close: 8.16 | Digital: 9.5 | On Sale: 9.6)


With Firsts, a multimedia project that presented intimate portraits of women who broke glass ceilings to become pioneers and role models in a range of fields, TIME editors will continue the conversation by spotlighting women who are changing the world right now.

TIME will feature individual videos highlighting three women who are FIRSTS in their industry from arts & culture, STEM, entrepreneurship, and more, including women FIRSTS of African-American, Hispanic, and various international backgrounds over the last 12 months.

(Issue: 9.16 | Ad Close: 8.16 | Digital: 9.5| On Sale: 9.6)* Quarterly

The California Issue

A driving force for tech innovation which fuels the U.S. economy, the state of California is home to our nation’s global masterminds and leading edge companies that have transformed the world and the way we live today (and ultimately tomorrow). From key players and industries to issues, TIME takes an in-depth look at what drives The Golden State.

(Double Issue: 9.2 | Ad Close: 8.2 | Digital: 8.22 | On Sale: 8.23)

AI: Across Industries

TIME taps into the collective intelligence of renowned futurists, global business leaders and technology experts to examine the implications of AI as a proxy for the future, and how it ultimately serves to drive progress and move humanity forward. Content will focus on AI’s role across industry (especially in technology, health care and manufacturing), AI’s cultural and social implications and the role data plays is defining its applications and driving its intelligence.

(Issue: 8.19 | Ad Close: 7.19 | Digital: 8.8 | On Sale: 8.9)

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