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Inauguration 2017

Issue Date: 1.30.17 | On Sale: 1.23.17 | Ad Close: 12.30.17

From the latest news to in depth commentary, TIME covers every moment of inauguration 2017. From Obama’s last days in office, to day of event highlights, and what comes next for both Trump and the American public, as well as what to expect in the first 6 months of Trump’s presidency.

Opportunities Include:

  • Pre-Inauguration Digital Coverage
  • Inauguration Themed Videos
  • Day of Live Event Coverage
  • Live Video Coverage
  • Post-Inauguration Digital Coverage
  • Recap Video
  • Viral Moments

Finding Home


Personal stories from the most vulnerable in the refugee crisis: expectant mothers. TIME will explore these extraordinary stories of courage and survival, deep behind the media headlines.

Dynamic content will be continuously updated throughout 2017.

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Issue Date: 02.20.17 | On Sale: 02.10.17 | Ad Close: 01.13.17

TIME’s award winning health team provides critical understanding on the latest science behind long life with a focus on sleep: what happens in the body and brain when we sleep, how sleep patterns change with age, and what we can learn from the oldest individuals about how their sleep patterns can contribute to live longer, healthier lives.

Time 100


Issue Date: 05.01.17 | On Sale: 04.21.17 | Ad Close: 03.24.17

Each year, TIME selects the 100 most influential individuals of the year. We celebrate the titans, pioneers, artists, leaders, and icons whose contributions are changing the world today.

Shorthand for global influence, the TIME 100 generates over 25 billion impressions worldwide—including digital specials, videos and social media—culminating in the highly anticipated TIME 100 Gala.

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Issue Date: 09.04.17 | On Sale: 08.25.17 | Ad Close: 07.28.17 | Online: 08.24.17

TIME introduces Firsts: a sweeping portrait of women who tested and then broke boundaries that reshaped the world for decades to come.

From sports to politics to business and diplomacy, from science to aviation, and films to books, this groundbreaking multimedia project will bring to vivid life the journeys of women who were the first in their field and remain second to none through world-class photography, short-form documentary videos, and compelling interviews.

Featuring specially commissioned portraits and exclusive video profiles for each of the most prominent female leaders, influencers, athletes, and entertainers, including:

  • Aretha Franklin
  • Serena Williams
  • Madeleine Albright
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Danica Patrick

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