The Most Influential People on the Internet

A look at the people who can start and sustain the global conversation through a single post

Issue Date: 06.19.17 | On Sale: 06.09.17 | Ad Close: 05.19.17 | Online: 06.09.17

For this innovative, unranked list, TIME sizes up contenders by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. The result is a truly diverse mix of internet influencers—everyone from Matt Drudge to Drake to Lilly Singh to President Trump himself.

And whether it’s controversial tweets, inspiring quotes, fitspo or nude selfies, 2017 is sure to be another year full of internet influencers and the memes that made them even more famous.

As the most influential publication, TIME is the perfect vehicle to showcase this star-studded list, exemplifying the power of an individual voice in the digital age.

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