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2015 Edit / Franchise Calendar

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Issue Date Topic Ad Close On-Sale TIME Off Vitals The Connected Life Health & Wellness Answers Ian Bremmer Personal Finance The Dish Kristin van Ogtrop's The Amateur Small Business Leisure Travel
1.19 Young Adult Book Special
Digital: TIME Reports from CES • Top 100 Children's Books
12.19 1.9 X X X X X X
1.26 Economic Update
Plus: MLK Anniversary
Digital: Which Exercise Fits Your Personality? • SuperBowl + Best Superbowl Ads
12.26 1.16 X X X X X X
2.2 Health: Minding Your Heart • Super Bowl: The Meaning of Halftime • Oscar Coverage 1: The Nominees • Grammy Coverage: Nikki Minaj
Digital: Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary
1.2 1.23 X X X X X X
2.9 Cover: TK • Super Bowl Walk Up: Two Teams, 60 Minutes • The New Sharing Economy • Oscar Coverage 2 • R&R's Last Tour • Better Call Saul Preview
Digital: Surprising Spring Break Destinations
1.9 1.30 X X X X X X X
2.16 Cover TK • Food: Chocolate is the New Coffee • 50 Shade of Grey Frenzy • Grammy Coverage 2
Plus: Business (ad close: 1.2)
Digital: Love, Technology and Millennial Romance
1.16 2.6 X X X X X
2.23 Longevity (Double Issue)
Plus: Retirement • Oscar Walkup
1.16 2.13 X X X X X X X X X X
3.9 Wonders of the World 1
Plus: Oscars Recap
Digital: Best Animated Characters of All-time
2.6 2.27 X X X X X X
3.16 CEO Profile • The 25 Most Influential People on the Web
Digital: March Madness Brackets and Interactive
2.13 3.6 X X X X X X X
3.23 Sports: March Madness
Digital: YouTube at 10
2.20 3.13 X X X X X X
3.30 Frontiers of Medicine: Cancer
Plus: Business (ad close: 2.13)
2.27 3.20 X X X X X
4.6 Vin Diesel and Fast and Furious 7 • PBS: Cancer: The Emperor of Maladies
Digital: 25 Moments That Changed American History
3.6 3.27 X X X X X X
4.13 Wolf Hall Preview • Last Season of Mad Men
Digital: 20 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
3.13 4.3 X X X X X X X
4.20 Hollywood's Domestic Divas
Plus: Wonders of the World 2
Digital: Hubble Telescope Turns 25
3.20 4.10 X X X X X X
4.27 TIME 100 (Double Issue)
Plus: Business (ad close: 3.13)
Digital: TIME 100 Poll and Coverage
3.20 4.17
5.11 The New Small Home
Plus: Summer Movie Preview
Digital: 50 Best Websites • Great American Summer Roadtrips
4.10 5.1 X X X X X X X X
5.18 Gluten in Your Diet
Plus: Letters from Mom • Artisanal Madness: The $260 Chocolate Bar • Travel
Digital: Letters to Mom
4.17 5.8 X X X X X X
5.25 Millennial Parents
Plus: Health Update: Lyme Disease • Wonders of the World 3 • Summer Movie Preview: Pitch Perfect 2
Digital: Tech Gifts for Mom
4.24 5.15 X X X X X X X X
6.1 Frontiers of Medicine: The Brain
Plus: Pets & Veterans • American Vacations
Business (ad close: 4.17)
5.1 5.22 X X X X X X X
6.8 CEO Profile
Plus: Midyear Economic Update • Grad School • Space Tourism • Destination Gyms • Wellness:Mental Heal/Power of Yes
Digital: Summer Concerts
5.8 5.29 X X X X X X X
6.15 How Millennials Spend
Plus: Preretirement • Grad School • Post-Menopausal Women
Digital: Tech Gifts for Dad
5.15 6.5 X X X X X X X
6.22 How High Is Your XQ?
Plus: Cars that Think • Sports: Jordan Speith
Digital: Letters From Dad
5.22 6.12 X X X X X X X
6.29 Wimbledon Walkup: Serena Williams
Plus: Start Up Culture: Nairobi • How to Hack Your Life • Dating Apps. Breakthroughs
Business (ad close: 5.15)

Digital: Best of 2015 Lists (So far..)
5.29 6.19 X X X X X X X
7.6 The Answers Issue/Making of America: Wright Brothers (Double Issue)
Plus: Breakthroughs MS
Digital: 50 Best Android Apps
5.29 6.26 X X X X X X X X X X X
7.20 Sports: Women's World Cup
Plus: Wonders of the World 4 • British Open Golf
Digital: 25 Influential Super Heroes • TIME Reports from Comic-con
6.19 7.10 X X X X X X
7.27 Frontiers of Medicine: The New Science of Blood Tests 6.26 7.17 X X X X X X X
8.3 Retirement and Women 7.3 7.24 X X X X X X X
8.17 The Teen 100
Digital: 50 Best Ipad Apps • Teen 100
7.17 8.7 X X X X X X X
8.24 Digital: Best Back to School Tech 7.24 8.14 X X X X X X X X
8.31 7.31 8.21 X X X X X X
9.7 The Fall TV Preview (Double Issue)
Plus: Fall Arts Preview • Fall Travel Guide • Business (ad close: 7.24)
Digitial: Top 10 Lists
7.31 8.28 X X X X X X X X X X X
9.21 Question Everything • Women and Ambiton
Digital: 25 STEM Ideas Changing the Classroom
8.21 9.11 X X X X X X X
9.28 Pope in America
Plus: Ten Ideas Changing the World Business (ad close: 8.14)
8.28 9.18 X X X X X X X
10.5 CEO Profile • Science of Motivation
9.4 9.25 X X X X X X X
10.12 Frontiers of Medicine: Breast Cancer
9.11 10.2 X X X X X X
10.19 Migrants (Double Issue)
Business (ad close: 8.28)
9.11 10.9 X X X X X X X X X X X
10.26 Fusion: Atomic Energy
Plus: Smart Cars • Sports: World Series Business (ad close: 9.4)
9.25 10.16 X X X X X X X
11.2 10.2 10.23 X X X X X X X X
11.9 Influential Teens
10.9 10.30 X X X X X X X X
11.16 Veterans
Business (ad close: 10.2)
10.16 11.6 X X X X X X X X
11.23 Frontiers of Medicine: The Heart
10.23 11.13 X X X X X X X
11.30 The Genius Issue / Best Inventions (Double Issue)
Plus: World Aids Day Update • What to Eat Now • Holiday Movie Preview • Travel, Redefined
10.23 11.20 X X X X X X X X X X X
12.14 Personal Spending Checklist
Plus: Year-end Economic Update • "The Best Gift I Ever Got" • Climate Update
Business (Ad Close: 10.9)

Digital: Best Games, Best Gadgets
11.13 12.4 X X X X X X X X X
12.21 Person of the Year (Double Issue)
Plus: Best of 2015
Business (Ad Close: 11.6)

Digital: Star Wars VII Premiere
11.13 12.11
12.28 2016 The Year Ahead (Double Issue)
Plus: Climate Update
Digital: Person of the Year
11.20 12.24 X X X X X X X X X X X

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Last modified: October 16, 2015

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