Issue Date: 03.20.17 | On Sale: 03.10.17 | Ad Close: 02.17.17

A groundbreaking multimedia project honoring the women that are shaping our world. There is no better time to recognize women innovators. Whether securing the nomination to become the first female presidential candidate of a major party or discovering the latest breakthrough in cognitive disorders, women are challenging perceptions of what can be achieved.

In a historic year where the class ceiling will be tested as never before, TIME introduces Firsts: A sweeping portrait of women who tested and then broke boundaries that reshaped the world for decades to come.

From sports to politics to business and diplomacy, from science to aviation, and movies to books, Firsts will bring to vivid life the journeys of women who were the first in their field and remain second to none through world-class photography, videos and compelling interviews.

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